Nicola Congiu

The Italian International Singer

Every so often an artist is discovered with a voice so rare and a gift so pure. Most of today’s music is overproduced and prepackaged; marketed with glitz and glamour that more often than not, doesn’t live up to the hype it claims to be. From a small town in Italy, we are reminded of what real talent sounds like – his name is Nicola “Niko” Congiu.

Born in Sardinia, Italy Niko grew up knowing that he would become a performer. This self taught musician began his career singing on the bar circuits of Italy playing four to five hours every night. Performing on both guitar and piano, Niko’s voice spans three octaves and easily handles current pop, rock and soul, as well as classical music. Following the examples of his favorite musicians such as Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson and others, Niko was able to create an electrifying stage persona that engaged audiences of all ages. From his consistent touring and endless hours of performance Niko fashioned a strong following of his fellow Italians that soon ended up with packed rooms every night. Alongside of touring Niko helped build his reputation by participating in national singing competitions that were televised all across Italy. In 1997, Niko formed his own nine-piece orchestra and toured extensively throughout northern Italy. 

It was at one of these shows that Niko was discovered by notable director/producer, Steve Binder. While on vacation in Italy with his wife, Binder stumbled upon a crowd of over 1,000 marveling at the performance of the devastatingly handsome chanteur. So impressed with Niko’s performance Binder returned the next night only to be even more blown away than the previous evening. It was then that he decided to bring Niko back to the States and introduce America to the sounds of a musical genius. 



Immediately Binder set up a showcase for his music industry friends and contacts which, in turn, began the professional relationship between Niko and Live Nation. Everyone from Live Nation that attended became as ecstatic about Niko as Binder was. Along with Binder’s partner, Seth Jacobs, binderjacobs music management signed Niko to a long term artist development deal with Live Nation. 

In one year, Niko has made impressive strides and has been recognized by many of the industries finest musicians and promoters. He has been signed on as a Gibson artist, opened for Jewel with the Chicago Pops, opened for Celine Dion at the start of her “Taking Chances” world tour, sang at Carnegie Hall with Tony Bennett at the 25th Anniversary of the New York Pops and will soon begin his first national tour with Chicago and the Doobie Brothers. With a voice rivaling the sounds of Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli, this gifted baritone will be opening each show and reemerging with Chicago to sing in their set as well. So begins Niko’s inevitably long and successful career in the States on June 3rd in Phoenix, Arizona. Niko is one of those artists who come along once every decade…

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The Video Clip of new song "See my fears" is available NOW.


Behind the Music

A Multi-Talented Free Spirit

Throughout the course of his musical career, NIKO has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at a variety of venues, making hundred of appearances, all the while recording new singles, NIKO has earned the admiration and affection of countless fans, serving as both inspiration and role model.


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